can i hook up a PC to an LCD TV with another input?

i have a 32 inch sylvania 720p TV in my room and it has no PC input. would it be possible i could plug my computer into a different input and have it still work fine?

Re-design8 years ago
If your card has an hdmi output then that would work.  Or get a converter to convert computer to rgb or whatever input the tv has.

Something like this would work great.  (I stole it from angryredhead. Don't tell her)
redsuit09 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
thanks. hey how do you change the hyperlink so it says this?
Highlight the word you want it to be and then pick the tool button that has the earth and a chain. then enter the address.
Ugh!  I found out on my own, you sneak!