can i increase my internet signal by using a tin can?

I have a inter network established on the outside of my house. But it won't work on the inside of my house. All I can see is the view internet signals available and that network is on there but on the inside of the house it shows limited concetivity.

I heard that you can increase a inter net signal using a tin can? Yes I do have a booster but it still only gives me limited connectivity.

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Drill a hole in the bottom of a can, tie a string through the hole then tie the other end to your computer, take the can outside through the window and up on your roof top drawing the string tight, then check your reception
rickeyd412 (author)  Charley Davidson8 years ago
Thanks but where should I put the string on my computer
That only works for analog cell phones.  Yarn will work for digital cell phones though.
rickeyd412 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
Thanks, I live in a basement apartment and my cell phone cuts all the time so I can use that information also
 Well, here's a url that claims it works in Africa: I don't believe it, though.
rickeyd412 (author)  cyberpageman8 years ago
I checked out the website from africa and like most of the information I get, it is not telling me were to connect anything to the computer
orksecurity8 years ago
If you're asking what I think you're asking -- how to make a directional antenna for 802.11 signals -- websearch "cantenna". I've used the side-feed coffee-can version successfully. Note that, technically, it's illegal; if the FCC happens to notice, they can slap a fine on you.