can i make a MP3 player at home by using old computer parts?

i want to make an  ipod or MP3 player of 32GB by using waste material of old computer

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JavaNut137 years ago
I would try using a microcontroller to play the files stored on the old computer hdd.
No. Actually, I'd just buy a MP3 player.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  As lemonie points out, making an iPod-sized player from standard computer parts isn't going to happen. A microprocessor-based system (eg, Arduino) will probably fit your size requirements better. You might be able to use a system-on-a-chip uP.
.  Oops! Microcontroller and uC
jeff-o7 years ago
No.  The hardware in a portable, usable MP3 player is so specialized that you can't make it out of scraps.  Best to save up and buy one in this case.
lemonie7 years ago
You can run an old computer as an mp3 player, but you can't really make it small and portable.