can i make a ant shocker transformer that shocks ants every 3 minutes in bowl with sugarwater?

i have a transformer step down from 250 to 100v...
want to make a bowl of sugarwater for ants and then every 3 mintes or so i should shock all the ants that are drinking...poisen doesnt work..ants can smell it....grrr
what should i do now..


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frollard7 years ago
May I recommend borax mixed with sugar/water? It's fantastic. It's what all the commercial ant solutions are made of. It acts slowly enough that they eat it for a long time, taking back to the queen until its toxic level has built up and they start dying off.
+1. I get both brown ants and occasionally carpenter ants during the warmer months. Borax works great. The trick I've found is to put the borax where they're coming in. You're (OP) absolutely right, they don't like it. The borax repels them, so you apply it like a chemical moat.
lemonie7 years ago

This won't work, make the sugar sticky enough that that they are trapped like a glue-trap.

If your ants are getting inside your house this might be a kinder solution.
aeray7 years ago
Diatomaceous earth works well too, just sprinkle it around. Non-toxic to humans and pets as well. The ants go off and die in private though, so you don't get that sadistic, vindictive thrill.
ARJOON7 years ago
the resitor connecting to the mosfet is 100ohms. u can use and irfp450mosfet. and the another is a resistive load. just connect a 100w bulb there


on time: 9seconds
off time: 81seconds
ARJOON7 years ago
no need of the transformer. just rectify the mains and connect it to a mosfef or a relay. make a an astable circuit so that it triggers a circuit to kill the ant evey time. with a 555 driver i coul only make it so that it turns on every 81s and stays on for 9 seconds and then turns of until next 81 seconds are up. i;ve attached a schematic.
idk if it would but i know that it has much power in it.