can i make a drawing pen out of 2 old mice ir sensors?

i do graphics. so i need a drawing pen and buying one is outta my reach.

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lemonie6 years ago

Use the mouse.
What sort of "pen" (example please) do you want?

crazynath (author)  lemonie6 years ago
like a "light pen" but if i have to draw on table that's okay.

Mice track movement, light-pens track position.
Being that different you'll not make a light-pen that is really any different to a mouse if you've only got a mouse to start with.

But it would be a mouse in the shape of a pen and much more intuitive to draw with after a bit of getting used to.

chunky pen though. You'd have to stop it rotating and you'd have to deal with taking it on and off the paper while the cursor stayed on it.

I was thinking of a laser mouse. That should pretty slim. Add an on/off button to control the line.

But in the end just buying a cheap drawing pad would be much easier.