can i make homemade .22 blank gun?

I am making a small gun for a R/C tank i am building. i want it to shoot .22 rim-fire blanks too make it well...awesome. is there any way i can do this with materials such as aluminum or copper? or does this have to be made from steel to keep the pressures from breaking the gun. also, is the force from a blank the same force as a regular bullet.

you may want to look up "pop gun." This covers a number of different "guns" but the one i'm thinking of is a basic tube with a spring loaded hammer / firing pin / rod. It's basically a crude home made gun

You may also want to look into using "shots" for hilti nail guns. They may be easier to aquire
Kiteman4 years ago
If you have access to .22 ammunition, then you probably have access to .22 firearms.

Why not cannibalise one to make your cannon?
myakka (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
i do not have acsses to .22 firearms. although i do other firearms. i had planed on purchasing blanks from a gun shop. i recently found that you can buy .22 short rim-fire barrels online for about $40 so i will check those out
Try #209 shotgun primers they maybe be cheaper and easier to work with.