can i mod a memory stick pro duo adapter (psp memory card) to instead fit a usb stick or maybe a SD card?

im trying to find a way to modify a memory stick pro duo adapter to fit a standard usb stick or even a SD card. the reason for this is that i got ripped off on a online perches for a psp memory card adapter to fit for a MicroSDHC which i could use, but it instead it uses a micro M2 card, i do not own one of these, nor do i have the money to get one (tight on money), so i was looking around for the pinouts of the adapter and for USB and was hoping i could solder the like pinouts of the two to each other (do have proper soldering skill) so that when finished i could have a memory stick pro duo adapter that would adapt for a (preferred) usb stick, for my psp. any ideas?

astroboy9075 years ago
You can find usb hubs with cards readers for many formats on ebay for relatively cheap

Just never gotten one so I dont know if they, you know, work :)
thegeeke5 years ago
Adapter my friend... Adapter. Memory stick pro is standard for most Sony products... It's easy to find adapters for them. I have a universal memory card reader that I picked up at my local Frys for about $10. It's been a life saver for me. Once you use a card reader, you never go back to accessing your files from your device. ;)