can i modify a home cctv cam to plug into usb port on pc?

i have a simple cctv cam from maplins. can i wire a usb cable so i can connect it to my p.c

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a2157 years ago
check if your pc have video in socket ; i use my pci tv tuner video in and work good for video chat
Yes You can, Here is an easy and cheap solution, i use this smart gadget to get video signals from any video device with standard output like RCA and S-Video, S-VHS etc.
It is called Easyap and is available for quite a few dollars with various online shopping sites like eBay etc...

That isn't JUST a cable.
You need a video to USB converter, there's no other way.

Re-design7 years ago
Probably not.  The camera signal needs processing before it can be turned into a usb signal.

What does your camera output.  You might try looking for an adapter that would convert that output to a usb port.