can i play ps3 games on my pc?

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lemonie8 years ago
If you find an emulator, yes. Go Googling for "PS3 emulator"

Bartboy lemonie8 years ago
You still won't be able to play them.
You need a processor at least 10x more to emulate,
and PS3s have a 3.6 GHZ one, so I don't think you'll be able to find a computer with that much power.
rabreu Bartboy6 years ago
cant find a computer with that much power my computer goes up to 4GHZ and higher
Bartboy rabreu6 years ago
The 10x was based on Gamecube/N64/SNES/NES emulation, it might be different for newer DVD/Blu-Ray size games.
lemonie Bartboy8 years ago
While you're probably / possibly right, it's not meaningful to compare one of the processors to one other on clock-speed alone. You've got more than one processor and different chip-architectures. The answer starts with "If" so I'm not giving this a yes (or no).

MdP16327 years ago
With enough processor power, memory, etc., and a emulator, it should be possible provided that you have either a Blu-Ray disc drive or a digital copy not constrained to a disk.
grundisimo8 years ago
No. The reason why is PS3's are Blu-ray and computers are not. As lemonie says you could get an emulator. Then a digital version of the game. But if you are talking about  just trying to put a PS3 game into the disc slot and play it then No. does that make sense?
I highly doubt it, But it is worth a look. Make sure your computer is somewhat decent, though.
guyfrom7up8 years ago
no not really