can i remove the cyst/tumor on my dogs leg myself?

my boxer has a growth the size of a grape dangling off her forearm.the skin attaching it is the diameter of a shoestring. can i cut this off and bandage it? or is this a mandatory vet bill?

Given all the possibilities, this one is a vet job. Reasons? 1. You need to know what this growth IS, and whether or not it means present or future dangers to your pet. Cancer is a likelihood, but even if it's just a benign growth... it could be a sign of another problem. 2. You have no means to control pain and only crude means to control bleeding. Meaning, your pet will be miserable and excessive bleeding will be met by an urgent need for a vet anyway.
Don't just cut it. Without the proper supplies/knowledge, she could be in loads of pain, risk infection, bleed an inordinate amount, or suffer any other of many consequences.
orksecurity8 years ago
You really want the vet to look at it, to make sure it isn't cancerous or symptomatic of something else. (Think about it. If the growth was on _you_, what would you do?)