can i replace a piston sleeve with out replacing the whole engine block?

f250 cracked piston sleeve and i want to just replace the piston sleeve can i do that with out replacing the whole engine block

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onrust6 years ago
Yes. But you will not do it that way when you find what it will cost.
lemonie6 years ago
Cylinder-liners / sleeves can be replaced, but if you could do it I don't think you'd be asking the question.
For what it may cost you to have someone else replace a sleeve you might do better to get another engine / short block?

rickharris6 years ago
generally but you will have to totally dismantle the engine as the block needs to be heated to remove/replace the sleeve.
Vyger6 years ago
I am not familiar with that engine, however I had sleeves put in my VW engine when it was rebuilt because the cylinders were worn, and they welded those in place. So if its anything like that it would be pretty hard to get out without doing major damage. Welding tends to make things permanent. I suppose they could bore the whole thing out and then replace it again but its not an easy fix. I would look for a good mechanic with experience on that engine who has done that type of work. Someone in a machine shop perhaps and not just a regular car mechanic.

Was this a rebuild gone bad? If they put a sleeve in because the cylinder was badly worn, the entire cylinder needed to be bored out so it was uniform. The sleeve needs to be in contact with the block over its entire length. A sleeve is a filler or spacer and needs mechanical support from the block. If it was not fitted correctly, such as to loose, it could cause it to crack as it tries to expand to fit the bore. I would wonder if someone botched the job to start with.
Burf6 years ago
If you're asking is it possible, the answer is probably but you'll need to research the particular engine block to be certain.
In my opinion, if you are planning on keeping the truck, it would be best just to bite the bullet and opt for a new or rebuilt block. The chances of the block you want to repair having cracks in the block itself are pretty good and its likely you will end up having to replace the block sooner or later anyway.