can i speed control a dc motor with a nitro cars stepper motor?

hello, i ant to know if i can use the stepper system from a r/c nitro car to control the speed of two motors individually (with two different steppers though), using this electronic speed controller kit

i plan on using two of these to control the speeds of the left and right motor for my remote controll tank, which uses brushed motors

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frollard7 years ago
For dc brushed motors you'll need an ESC that works in a suitable voltage/amperage range, and is compatible with your remote receiver's outputs (pwm or ppm).

I don't see why you'd use a stepper or servo controller, they are designed specifically for those types of motors - better to use a dc controller.
oldmanbeefjerky (author)  frollard7 years ago
the stepper is to turn the little knob that determines the speed. or ide use whatever is controlling the stepper to controll the esc.

also what i gave a link to is an esc, just one that i think can act with a potentiometer

also, i am doing this because i cannot build my own receiver and transmitter that would work an esc. so im going with what i can get at my price range, because building my own from kits or scratch would costs over 500 dollars.

Not with potentiometers, a bad idea even if you could get high-current potentiometers.

oldmanbeefjerky (author)  lemonie7 years ago
nonono, you misunderstood. i aid the esc i have access to uses a potentiometer, which i could drive with a stepper motor, or the stepper signal could maybe operate the esc dierctlyl

w3hat i want to know though where i csn obtain such a reciever
so you want to start with a ppm signal that drives a servo, and use the servo to turn a pot to drive an esc.

like I said: Get an esc that takes the middle-man out, drive the esc with the ppm signal from the receiver in the rc toy. They exist.
oldmanbeefjerky (author) 7 years ago
i am asking though both will it work, and where can i obtain such an esc? what should i look for? as to remove the middle section and drive the esc with the stepper signal?