can i turn a fridge freezer in to just a freezer?

i have and old vertical fridge freezer.( freezer compartment on top).  the seals have pretty much gone on the fridge part, so i am wondering if its possible to completely disable the cooling of the fridge part, while the freezer carries on working.

i am assuming also that this will reduce the running cost of the unit if only the freezer5

cheers will

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caarntedd6 years ago
Why can't you just turn the thermostat control in the fridge compartment off?
agatornz (author)  caarntedd6 years ago
well why didnt i think of that!
Is that sarcasm, or will it work?

Same plumbing, the thermostat being off would shut the whole unit down.

aeray6 years ago
If you just rip out all of the plastic bits that divide the freezer from the fridge (if it is a sub-compartment-within-the-fridge-type-freezer) or just hack a hole from the freezer compartment to the fridge compartment (if it is a two-separate-doors-with-a-partition-in-between-type) you can have a huge freezer, not a fridge, for free. Your power bill will go up, but not much, as people tend to get into fridges (and hem and haw as they leave the door open) much more than they get into freezers.
agatornz (author)  aeray6 years ago
well only need a small freezer compartment.. and dont need any increase in power consumption lol - part of the reason i replaced the fridge
aeray agatornz6 years ago
It appears that I misunderstood your goals. Caarntedd has the right idea- I'd also tape up/block off the vent between the two.
lemonie6 years ago

Why not just seal the fridge-up with e.g. silicone.
Actually taking the fridge plumbing out would be a job for a professional.

agatornz (author)  lemonie6 years ago
yes have considered that with a pull closed latch.. dont really want to muck with the plumbing..