can i use clear nailpolish to fix a scratched cd?

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acidbass7 years ago
 no you cant because the nail polish will form a layer that the laser in the cd player cannot read because the cd is to thick trust me dude i have tried and it ruins cd's invest in a cd/ dvd cleaning set they are like only 15 bucks and it is a lot more reliable than anything you can make yourself 
I would say using nail polish to fix a scratch might make the cd unreadable.

I have found one amazing way to remove scratches from cds.  (Even deep scratches)  Car wax!  Make sure to get the creamy kind, and just put a small amount on your cd.  Rub it over the entire surface, while trying to move across the surface from the center to the edge.  Don't move in circles around the cd, because that will probably add more scratches.

I have found that clear nail polish can fix a cracked cd though.  I got a game from Ebay that was damaged during shipping.  I put clear nail polish on it and it plays just fine.  (The cd was not broken, it just had craks at the center hole that were spreading into the content part of the cd.)
orksecurity8 years ago
I think you run about equal odds of making it worse... I'd suggest looking at the several instructables already posted on this topic. (Caveat: I haven't tried any of those so I can't vouch for them... but my understanding is that a _THIN_ layer of polish *MAY* sometimes be enough to achieve a temporary fix if the scratch isn't too bad.)

Maybe it's because I grew up with records, which were more easily damaged, but I've never scratched a CD. Makes me wonder what folks are doing.
Man, you're not kidding. I am utterly mystified as to what people are doing to their CDs (and the DVDs I get from Netflix, too).
I guess those of us who remember having to tape a stack of pennies to the tone arm in order to get our dinged-up copy of Love Gun to play without skipping just take better care of our media....
I hear you can buff them out with toothpaste also.  hopefully enough that the computer caN read it and you can copy it
lemonie8 years ago
You're better polishing it.

seandogue8 years ago
Some people have claimed good success polishing scratches out using commcerical polishers you can purchase at Mciirocenter and other computer store or manully using things like Brasso...the real worry imo is scratching the label side, since a scratch there is directly in contact with the microthin layer of aluminum that sits behind the clear plastic and actually contains data. When it gets scratched you stand a good chance of creating a coaster, wheras a scratch on the other side can be polished out in many cases.

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