can magnetism go through Bronze?

If anybody is near a metal shop and you know they have bronze can you see if the bronze will keep magnetism from penetrating the other side? You should take some light weight iron and a strong magnet and see if they attract.

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A static magnetic field will permeate through bronze, but a changing magnetic field will tend to be blocked by it because bronze is a good conductor of electricity. That is to say, in the case of a changing magnetic field you'll get eddy currents in the bronze, and the field produced by those induced currents will tend to cancel the magnetic field that is inducing them.
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jbaker22 (author)  Jack A Lopez5 years ago
Yes, I was thinking about the chart when I realized I need a nickel iron alloy.

So you can stick a piece of bronze to your fridge with a magnet, but not with an electromagnet running off the mains.
Yeah.  I think so.  In fact that sounds like a good experiment to try... I'll have to get back to you with the results.

lemonie5 years ago

(esp. "You should take some light weight iron and a strong magnet and see if they attract.")

iceng5 years ago
Bronze allows magnetic flux lines to pass right through being made of
Copper and Zinc.

There are highly permeable metal metallic foils that block or contain magnetism