can my left arm get recovered from my stroke what ive had?

 i have had a brain hemmaradge and a stroke when i was 11 and my arm has got a lot better since then . im now 13 and i need some advice for some things what can help it get better. can anaybody plz help if you want to talk on msn hers my addy     kraymundy@hotmail.co.uk thanks for listning to this plz plz plz help me.

ihordyky7 years ago
My grandma had a stroke bout a months ago and her arm and leg recoverd so yours should
kray953 (author)  ihordyky7 years ago
 but how bad was her stroke ??

I have no idea sorry
kray953 (author)  ihordyky7 years ago
 yes but ive had a brain hemmaradge and a stroke