can my wii brick up if i mess up while installing homebrew channel ??

can my wii brick up if i mess up installing homebrew channel ?? 

and will it function normally aft installing ?

nd can i update my wii without hassles aft i install it ??

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slithien6 years ago
from all i know yes, it will brick if you mess it up
Siesta6 years ago
wiihacks.com is not the place to be looking... WiiBrew.org is the official site of the developers. You can't brick your Wii by installing HBC unless some freak power outage happens while you're doing it. If you go modifying banners and such after installing HBC, there is a good chance that you will brick, but banner bricks are easy enough to fix.
The short answers:
1) Yes
2) Depends on what else you mod
3) No. Homebrew is very version-sensitive.

For longer answers, check here:
akash.rao (author)  RavingMadStudios6 years ago
 ok nd wat do i do if it bricks up ?? any suggestions ??
There are many different ways to unbrick a Wii, depending on what mods you have installed and how it got bricked in the first place. I'd start here for an overview of bricking/unbricking issues: