can some one make the matilda from re4?

im wondering if anyone can make the matilda from resident evil 4

i would kill to have a knex of this
must be low part count as i dont have that many pieces
i would appreciate if this was made


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DJ Radio7 years ago
I have a better idea:  Why don't YOU try building one yourself, then come back if you fail.  If you succeed, then I will congratulate you personally.
scott8692 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
check the slide show link
tell me what you think
scott8692 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
i did think of making it myself but i only made one gun witch ended up as a better performing TDS which i never posted and might not post unless enough people have problems with the TDS but ill try to make it
OMG! you have to make your own! DJ never congratulates anyone personally! lol
scott8692 (author)  Seleziona7 years ago
wow umm........i dont know what to say...........ummm ...........i guess ill be finishing this soon
Post a picture of what YOU did.
scott8692 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
im almost done with the prototype i got a pic of it this is without the stock

Try adding a trigger guard.
scott8692 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
i dont have that many pieces. ill try to make one but all the knex i own fit in a 1 gallon ziploc bag

i remade it just now so the slide isnt as monstrous and i tooh off the little light/laser thing at the end of the barrel so im still working on it but it is alot smaller now
scott8692 (author)  scott86927 years ago
i got a slide show up here is the link
TheDunkis7 years ago
A picture would help for those too lazy to use google.