can somebody please give me some REAL dating tips (emergency)

i have bin looking for dating tips for 2 hours and all of them are c**p! PLEASE if you have some dating tips that really worked for you tell me

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jtp1398 years ago
yes what is it specifically that you need help with? In general, I would have to say that most of the "problem" is anxiety, nervousness and such. Try going jogging or meditating before you get ready. Give yourself time before hand to relax and get in a good frame of mind. Think about things that make you happy, you know hype yourself up. Try not to focus on trying to impress or anything like that. Also remember to tell yourself that this other person, is just a person like anyone else. and probably feeling a little nervous as well. Have confidence in yourself! Just don't be arrogant.
eygen8 years ago
REAL dating tips? What the fuck is that for a request? Specifics?
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
-be yourself -brush your teeth
fwjs288 years ago
nike does it best just do it
What kind of tips do you need?