can someone build me a working drum magazine for my ppsh-41?

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knexsniper18 years ago
i made a drum magazine, but im not sure if it will work on your gun.
lioneatr (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
cool !!!!!!!!!!! I think this may be the next gen knex guns PLEASE PLEASE POST IT!!!!!!!!!!11
im not going to post it, but maybe ill send it to you? the reason im not going to post it is because it seems weird to post just a mag, but i can send it to you if you want. just pm me if you want the pictures.
do you still have the drum magazine?
sdds8 years ago
happy day good bye
Well, you could make a small semi-automatic one by attaching eight barrels to a white connector, and have it somehow auto-revolve every pull of the trigger. Every time the trigger is pulled, it rotates slightly and sets off one of the triggers on one of the barrels.
TheDunkis8 years ago
You could just use a straight magazine with a drum "shell" around it to make it look like a drum but work like a straight magazine. That wouldn't be that hard. However, knex doesn't really allow one to make sturdy, round shapes.