can someone help me in building a wind turbine that can light up my room?

for example like powering up a light bulb or sound systems

You won't be able to build (at least at a reasonable cost) a large enough wind turbine to power your room directly. You'll need to have it connected to a charge circuit and a bank of batteries that powers an inverter. If your not getting enough wind during the day and your using your light too much then the batteries will run down.

Like onrust suggested a car alternator is a good start. If you use the search bar above you can find all sorts of wind turbine builds. Some are able to produce more current then others but most of them are 12V systems to charge car batteries to run an inverter so you'll get the 120VAC/240VAC you need.
shockamp (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Thank you so much for an easy way and i really appreciate it
onrust5 years ago
put a fan blade on a car alternator and do everything in 12 volt
jbaker22 onrust5 years ago
make sure to put a tail on it. Even a dc motor makes electricity for a lamp.