can someone help me make a couple of things for my airsoft gun.specifically grenade and grenade launcher?

i need an instructable or an idea for the perfect homemade airsoft hand grenade and a grenade launcher to fit on the bottom of my gun. if u could please help thanks

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I shall give an idea. Think short-barreled, combustion-operated, marshmallow gun. About the grenade.... maybe just improvise with a firecracker wrapped in tissue to fit snug in the barrel.
travisttt7 years ago

I've been looking for the same thing for a while without much luck. This is what I've learned so far:
-hand grenades. I doubt most fields would appreciate pyrotechnics going off to propel bbs(not that it wouldn't be fun), plus the grenades you will find on this site(to the best of my knowledge) do not adequately control the energy of either explosives, chemical reactions, or springs to propel the bbs with any large amount of power necessary to get any distance or force. If you really want a hand grenade either plan on spending a lot of time and possibly money to perfect your design, or buy something like a tornado grenade.

-Launcher grenades- These work more like a giant shotgun than a grenade launcher. The grenade itself is the same as hand grenades for the most part, though. However, if you were to mount multiple barrels inside a piece of pvc with a combustion chamber at one end, and were to load each barrel separately before a round, it may be possible. Sorry about the horrible quality of the pictures, it’s the best I could come up with off hand. The circle represents a picture looking down your pvc pipe with the multiple barrels arranged far better than in the picture. The rectangle represents a cross-section view of the piece of PVC from the side showing the barrels aligned length-wise. With the open area on the right allowing for either explosives (maybe I’m wrong) or a firing device to compress air. If you want to go for the compressed air route then you will need a larger chamber to power so many bbs. You will also have to devise a way of powering a piston or reactants, preparing it to fire, prevent the release until required, and releasing when desired. You may have to shorten the barrels to contain all of the necessary systems; this should not matter as you should only be using this as a close range weapon. You would most likely devise a way of attaching this to your gun as a one-use-per-round weapon, although it may be possible to exchange these in a specially designed launcher which I will now move to.

-The launcher itself- this would consist of the tube to contain and fire your homemade grenades or your store-bought grenades this is the part that makes the most sense to me paying $150 for a tube and firing pin to launch the $30 just doesn’t make sense. If you were to find a pvc tube with an interior diameter that matches the exterior diameter of a real airsoft grenade, and could create a simple spring loaded pin. Then congratulations, you just saved a ton of money. In fact, you have saved enough to buy a decent gun to mount this to. I hope you appreciate this answer, message me if you have any more questions or decide to try this project. I’d love to see pictures, and hear of results.


meanbean8 years ago
This one is very good, even though it's not really a grenade. No messy chemicals, fireworks, or ballons. Reloadable mid battle!costs about $1 for every one you make.

im working on launcher
PKTraceur8 years ago
Add 2 inch diameter piece of PVC tubing to the bottom of your gun. Add an endcap on one end, then drill a hole approx 1/16-1/8 diameter in the endcap. This is your launcher, mount on your gun, endcap towards you. To make the grenade, get some tissue paper, 1 4 inch long fuse, 1 7 1/2 inch long fuse, 2 firecrackers, and some BB's. Put a bunch of BBs in the tissue paper, add a fire cracker, add the 7 1/2 inch fuse to the firecracker in the tissue paper. Then add the 4 inch fuse to a another firecracker. Stick the fuse in the hole you made, through the endcap. Add the grenade, stick fuse through endcap. Light, Wait, boom! -PKT
DGofeld78 years ago
If you want to make an airsoft grenade, you will need bbs, a toilet paper roll (just the carton), tape, glue and a firecracker. Close one side of the roll, put in some bbs, place the firecracker inside, and fill up with bbs. Close the other end of the roll and tape the whole thing tightly (the tighter it is, the more powerful the bbs will fly). If you want it to be like an actual grenade in which you don't have to light it, try gluing some matchhead powder to the end of the firecracker fuse and stick the striker to the side of your gun for convenience.
miols8 years ago
I havent seen, or heard of a working homemade airsoft grenade, or launcher. just don't get one. there a 10 pound hunk of plastic that about halfway through the game you wonder why you still got it on your gun.