can someone solve this?

I made a riddle and want someone to solve it.can you figure out what this says

tcerroc era uoy syas siht tahw em mp uoy fi

DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS! PM ME THE ANSWER and when someone gets it right they can put it on the comments and will get best answer

or when there is 10 wrong answers in a row I will tell the answer

please try every other day I will give a hint

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iproberry15 years ago
if you pm me what this says you are correct
that's the message!
jrh0655 years ago
daredevil499 (author)  jrh0655 years ago
If you get the right answer first you get best answer
daredevil499 (author)  jrh0655 years ago
then PM me the answer.