can there be a electrostatic floor cleaner ?? .....important question. isn't it.?

electrostatic force attract objects......when we rub plastic with hair it attracts tiny bits of paper.....also it attracts dust and dirt can there be a possible dust cleaner which using electrostatic force and  can clean our floor or something??there is only air cleaner otherwise

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Re-design6 years ago
There are. There are "dust mops" that are advertised to use the force of static electricity to hold the dust etc. The swiffer brand had this in some of the advertisements, but I don't remember seeing it lately.
arihant (author) 6 years ago
oh ok..but its not common among common people.....
You need to be more specific. In your question text, add information about what part of the world you are talking about (people here are from all countries, but mostly North America and Europe), and what sort of "price point" you think is sensible.
arihant (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
well,the people here not use dust mops .....and the thing i can do is just appreciate my idea coz its already invented..x) thx all for clearing my doubt
You still haven't explained where "here" is. Are you in Germany? Costa Rica? Greenland? Australia?
arihant (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
now there is no use dude..:)...
Then don't expect useful information.
. That sure is a nasty bruise on your forehead. :)
Nah, I think we've demonstrated that the OP didn't actually want useful information.
Well they're pretty common in commons stores in the US.

And they're pretty common in households in the US.
arihant (author)  Re-design6 years ago
do u use dust mop???
I do on the wood floors. It get us dog and cat hairs pretty well.