can u mod a ps3 controller?

scott!8 years ago
 I've tried to mod my controller and it's pretty hard, although I'm not an expert at mods, but I've taken my 360 controllers apart many times.  I took out the piece that directs the lights so you can see it through at most of the controller, butwhen I put it together, L1 and R1 didn't work, so I tried taking it apart again and ALL the shoulder buttons didn't work!  So it's still in pieces in my basement. : \
john henry8 years ago
u can get a custom ps3 controller skin I've seen a vid of a guy who connected it to a rc hellicopter on you tube
frollard8 years ago
chopping it in half with a bandsaw would be a 'mod'. What do you want to change? The LEDs can be changed for colours, or moved around. Dualshock can be ...shockier. You could put a bigger equivelant battery in. The pressure sensitive buttons with goofy matrixing make it RIDICULOUSLY difficult to add rapid fire, etc.