can we make barcode scanner from webcam?

GTI3 years ago
No Download and No Instalation, Use Online version of the scanner.
erichunt GTI1 year ago
Yes, and you can get many feasible solutions for barcode scanner from webcam by googling your question.

Here is one:
dbansal13 years ago
Techreuters says: it is possible to use webcam as a bar code reader. what all requirement is :
You webcam should be gud picture quality.

For more information please visit :

How to use Webcam as Bar code Reader / Scanner
lemonie5 years ago
More on Libra:
What do you want this for?

It can be done . Download a piece of software called Libra (its a library book database) then go to the option of libra in your start menu and select something like libracam.

That'll use your webcam to search for barcodes.

If you have an adjustable focus on your webcam it helps alot.

If you are using epos then click where the barcode is put then scan using barcode scanner and It will put the text from barcode into bit where you click