can we see 3d movies in PC if we have that special pair of glasses??

frollard7 years ago
In order to use 3d, you need:

3d source files/video/disks

3d capable video card (most with new software)

3d capable MONITOR -- that's the expensive part usually - it has to function at at least 120 hz to offer 60hz per eye. Most are 240+fps.

Shutter glasses...

So, a pc is capable - in fact it's the only place I've been convinced of 3d technology. It's terrible in the living room, but awesome on the pc with a screen much closer to your face.
Or, an MP4 file of one of the red/green 3d films (such as Shrek 3d), and a pair of the coloured-lens cardboard glasses.

Roger...analglyph glasses. Most 3d drivers have the option to display 3d source material rendered in red/blue (or your favourite 2 key colours)
p20107 years ago
You could download stereoscopic player and make a pair of 3d glasses and u can watch any movie (u downloaded) in 3d.