can we use the magnetic attraction and repulsion in petrol engine?

instead of using compressing of gas using  combustion and passing gas and using spark plugs ..... shall we use a dipole magnet in the place of spark plug and and a magnetic piston with a pole on top side.if we rotate the magnet at the spark plug place ,when the opposite pole comes down .......the piston due to attractive force goes up and when like pole comes up it will get repulsed and goes down by this crank can be rotated.this is basically based on the principle of magnetic attraction and repulsion........ i am just a college student its just an idea that came into my mind......please say whether it is possible or not...

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So is an electric motor. When you put a current through a motors winding's it's creating a electro-magnet that is in opposition to the magnet in the motor. Trying to do something similar with just a set of permanent magnets doesn't work vary well. Friction is a huge problem that will always bring the system to a stop. Something as complex as an internal combustion engine has a lot of friction. Also keep in mind the attraction is just as strong as the repulsion. Further slowing the system to a stop. Some have been able to get it all balanced out so a magnetic motor will run seemingly forever but they are unable to do anything else but keep itself spinning. You wouldn't be able to apply that rotation to doing any work or it will all come to a stop.

There are all sorts of magnetic motors, over unity motors and free energy videos on youtube. Just keep in mind they are all fakes. None of them have any practicle use.

check out my video on youtube , it's 3d printed , using a 50mm rare earth magnet and my own coil designs .. the one in the video is my single piston version and has run over 1000 rpm on 9.6 volt battery

bwrussell3 years ago

Possible or not why would you choose such a complicated system when you can buy a car today that has more traditional electric motors? An electric car shouldn't need pistons, a crank, transmission, or really even axles. All of those things introduce loss so the current method of mounting electric motors right at the wheels is hard to optimize. If you want to improve the "green" car, finding new or better power sources for those motors is the clearest path forward.

iceng bwrussell3 years ago


New low cost, hardy,10X capacity Lion batteries are on the way from Minnesota.

rickharris3 years ago

This in a way is done in models to simulate a gas engine BUT the efficiency is very low so not practical on a larger scale