can you convert an infared remote contol system to an actual radio one?

i own a small , remote contol car that uses infared to transmit commands. i want to hack the car for a school project, but my dad says infared will cause problems outside. so , i would like to convert it to radio frequency. is this even possible , and if so , how would you do it?

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Possible, yes. Practical, no. Pretty much the only parts you could probably keep from the IR transmitter would be the battery clips, the switches and the case. You could keep most of the car, except for the IR receiver unit. All of the actual IR "working" parts would have to be replaced with RF parts. It would be easier and probably cheaper to go buy a cheap RF car and hack that instead.
lemonie7 years ago
See this recent question - pretty much exactly the same:

saberwing (author)  lemonie7 years ago
thanks, but it may not work with my car:-(
Re-design7 years ago
This one you can do.  You need to buy a radio transmitter, a receiver and if the servos won't work with the new equipment then you'll have to buy servos and esc. (electronic speed control).  Then install them in the car.  You'll need new batteries for the radios too.
saberwing (author)  Re-design7 years ago
 my car does not use servos , it is a toy , so your approach would not work
In some way it will use a servo-type-unit for steering.