can you convert any random car charger to a mini usb car charger?

I have a couple of car chargers with the right voltages and ma outputs, but the tip(part you plug into the phone) is not the right one. I would like to know if there is a way to convert a random car charger by cutting off the tip i don't need, and install a mini usb tip, so I can charge my phone. Thanks

jdnic7 years ago
i got this one with a usb port, and has an ic chip and the thing works with any phone
jdnic7 years ago
i actually did make a portable phone charger with a a car cell phone charger, its powered by a 7.2v battery, the battery is high enough to power the whole entire thing, and the divece inside is small enough u can fit it any where! all i did is open up a car cellphone charger and solder the wire to the recharge able battery, so its useable again! and put a switch
frollard8 years ago
Yes and No It is a standard 5 volts you put to the plug - BUT research your specific phone. Some phones look for a resistor on the data pins to tell the phone that 'this charger is legit'. Example: My motorola Razr v3 won't work with a blackberry (also motorola) charger. Same voltage/mA - but one has the proprietary-ized plug, even though it's a standard connector. The phone would 'run' from that power, but not CHARGE from that power.