can you cook sugar?

I am making a smoke bomb and I want to know if it is all right to cook sugar by it self?

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Are you trying to limit the chance of it burning up in the pan by melting the sugar first? Just try a small batch and see if there is any issue.

At any rate, the ingredients need to be thoughly mixed for best results. I've experimented with this before, and found that it is prone to igniting in the pan if you are not careful. Use a lower heat, stir constantly, and only make small batches at a time. If it starts on fire, you will lose the whole thing. Also I would go do it outside (away from prying eyes), maybe using an electric hot plate
Happened to me lol
lemonie6 years ago

This is how things like boiled-sweets and caramel are made.
What has cooking sugar on it's own got to do with smoke-bombs?

7654321 lemonie6 years ago
I think he was asking if he could cook the sugar separately before adding the oxidizer so that it doesnt go off while he's cooking it.
lemonie 76543216 years ago

No point, done right it wouldn't "go off".

7654321 lemonie6 years ago
It's possible for it to get too hot while you're cooking it and ignite in the pan
lemonie 76543216 years ago

Yes and it's simliarly possible for it to go off when you add hot-sugar to the oxidant or vice versa.
Being careful counts I think.

rickharris6 years ago
Burning Gycol makes a considerable amount of smoke. Don't use antifreeze it is toxic. Use propylene gycol as used in smoke machine liquid.
The result will be caramel.
76543216 years ago
Just cook it with the KNO3