bwrussell2 years ago
Just search for the instructables name. If you search right after publishing it probably won't be there. If there are a lot of similarly named projects it may be on the second page.
zeratul_mega_freako_fans (author) 2 years ago
my keyword is knex, pistol( is the comma supposed to be there?
zeratul_mega_freako_fans (author) 2 years ago
can the other members see my thing or do they have to search the name( check it out, the .45 underworld)
thegeeke2 years ago
Yes, you can find your own in a search, alternatively click the "you" link at the top, the text that tells you how many ibles you wrote is orange meaning it's a hyperlink, so click that and it will show you all the instructables you've published.
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Try again now.