can you get for me free books that can guide me build the jet engine?

i want to build a jet engine and i am asking if you can post for me a book or a disk to serve as a guide to build it.

lemonie8 years ago
Lemonie, How do you restrain yourself? I only looked here to see who would answer this question and it was you. I was thinking of all sorts of smart aleck answers but the "be nice" would have stopped me short. Hey, lets post a question like "Can anyone tell me how to shoot my dog?" and see what happens. Just kidding. Really. Wait - I have an idea, that will be the headline and when "opened" it will be about taking a photograph. Still kidding.
It's experience, if I look at my stats I'm getting up to 2,000 comments on Answers/Questions. - After a while you either don't bother or make an effort... Yes your idea is good! L