can you grid a saw into the back of a knife?

want a sawback knife, not willing to spend 70$ on one just yet. So with a file, a hacksaw, and some sharpening stones, could one easily make a "saw" or some very coarse serrations on the back of a knife suitable for bush craft and basic survival/trap/shelter construction? wouldn't need to cut down a tree, just make notches in branches for traps, and basic things like that.

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Burf8 years ago
Yep, I did it myself years ago right after the original Rambo movie was released.
If you have seen the movie you'll know why.
I did it with a three-cornered (triangle) file and a lot of elbow grease.
Cover the sides of the knife with duct tape to prevent marring and then clamp it in a vise.  Mark off the back with a permanent marker where you want the serrations, equidistant from each other and no wider than the widest part of the file. Using only the corners of the file and keeping the top side horizontal, start filing.
Kryptonite Burf8 years ago
What size nife did you use? I image it would have to be quite large.
Burf Kryptonite8 years ago
Yep, a 12" Bowie knife. I still have it somewhere, packed away in some of my old camping gear
Kryptonite Burf8 years ago
 Wow, nice. How'd it go in terms of a saw?
Burf Kryptonite8 years ago
It was okay in a pinch for green wood, but for firewood or any dried lumber it tended to hang up and splinter the wood.
Basically, it more show than go.
LeviMc6 years ago
buffs technique sounds like it would wook for the making of the saw but to get it to cut without hanging in the wood you need to but a kerf in the teeth or bend each teeth off to the side so that the teeth are wider than the blade
flamesami7 years ago
it would probably be easier to buy a sawzall-type saw and then put a knife shape and edge on the other side... you would need a belt sander or, at the very least, an angle grinder for this, but be careful not to let the saw get too hot! it will ruin the temper of the saw...
jimofoz8 years ago
 It depends on the hardness of the knife blade. Most good ones won't be very easy to cut with an ordinary hacksaw or file. I'd use a dremel with a grinding bit or possibly one of the those round tungsten "cut anything" blades should work.
If you can find old large bandsaw blades that might be the easiest thing for you to work from.  That way the teeth on the bandsaw already have the kerf and shape you need.  then you just have to grind or file the other side for a knife blade.  You shouldn't have to worry about re heat treating the blade since you are only using hand tools  and hopefully the bandsaw blade won't be so hard that your file won't be able to file it.
jtobako8 years ago
Possible to do, not easy to get right.  You have to have each tooth of the saw sharp and at the same height, and usually cut at alternating angles.

Look into saw sharpening to get the shapes right.
acidbass8 years ago
you have the right idea I personally do search and rescue missions and have one ummm you might want to look around instuctables if you already haven't or you could google DIY saw backed knife