can you jump start a dead cell phone battery?

is there a way to recharge a dead cell phone battery?
or too put a charge back in to a cell battery?

frollard4 years ago
One suggestion is to charge it. Odds are you mean a no-longer-functional battery that has seen its best days come and go. Lithiums can't be shocked into new life like nickel cadmiums could. Your best bet is to get a new battery and be sure to recycle the old one.
+1. Consider also that lithium batteries are, in some ways, one straw short of a bomb. Do not try to "shock" one back to life or you may hurt yourself. As Frollard said, recycle it.
lemonie4 years ago
When it's "knackered" it's off to the "knacker's yard" - get a new one.

Yes you can jump-start a cellphone battery like you would a car battery. I have done it and it worked. I have had to jump start the battery several times though so the battery would probably be best replaced then jump started in this fashion.
You can find a video tutorial here:
Video is quit annoying and I would suggest turning down your speakers. Is a old phone he is charging. I have a Blackberry 8220 and this worked fine with my phone battery.

But you agree with the rest of us that replacement is best?


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