can you make a mini cardboard trebuchet?

the caredboard trebuchet, i was wondering if you can make a desk top one like 10 cm tall

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Kiteman8 years ago
There's this one, and a guide.

Trying the "search" box in the top-right corner of every page is also a useful start.
Aeniug8 years ago
I'm working on a small on, I decided to use foam board instead of card board. It seems to be working fine.
the poodleo (author) 8 years ago
well, if you go on offbeat, there is a cardboard trebuchet and i wanted to make one just like that but s,maller
Re-design8 years ago
Why not? There are several inst's. here that are made of wood. just substitute cardboard for the wood. You will probably have to double up on the cardboard to make it thicker.
ANDY!8 years ago
of course. glue a bunch into a brick and carve it out into whatever!