can you make toilet paper clothing?

Dear Loz2001,

There are lots of designs on this site. ( see link below.)

Kind regards

Kiteman2 years ago

Use the TP flat, it won't last long, but twist it into cords and you can weave and tie knots with it.
rickharris2 years ago
Could you make it from normal paper?

If so then I guess bog paper should also work - It will be hard to glue and will then go very stiff.

Of course the question is raised WHY?

You might find that Kitchen paper is a better offer It tends to hang together better.
Re-design2 years ago
Sure, just don't go out in the rain!
Or swimming in it.
mole12 years ago
Does it have to be all toilet paper? If not...maybe a hula skirt or a mummy costume or...
iceng2 years ago
Like Re-design says .... YES very easy

But  Not  for  Underwear