can you put a programmable led pov on a yo-yo?

Hi, i am wondering if you can put a led pov on a yo-yo that you could some how program to make patterns, or something like this:  

 Thanks in advance.

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orksecurity6 years ago
Maybe. If you want a stable image, you'll somehow have to make it be aware of the speed at which the thing is rotating; if you're willing to have the image spin, that's less critical. There's also the question of keeping it small and lightweight and balanced enough that the device continues to be a decent yo-yo.

Maybe use a light sensor to detect rotation? Use flicker frequency for timing? Up/Down detection won't be great in a rapidly spinning YoYo, because of centrifugal "force", but you could maybe detect flicker with a light sensor, and use that to estimate rotation speed? This is not a well thought out idea, but it may be useful?

salomon1996 (author)  Trouble.Sturm1 year ago
Hm, that is an interesting idea. I like your thought direction though. What it could do is have a laser trip sensor in the yo-yo gap, were the string is and Everytime the string breaks the connection, it could calculate the rotation speed. Then adjust the display for the current speed. Very good idea! Now just need to get the electronics small enough and balanced. :)

wouldn't even need a laser... just inward facing LEDs shining through holes... with a single pinhole for the sensors on each side, narrower than the string. a masking plate so the timing LEDs glow in the center. Maybe use UV LEDs, and UV reactive string? Maybe doesn't need to completely block light, just create a detectable flicker to give us a timing signal...

skyfly2004 years ago
I am looking at doing this with an accelerometer/gyroscope ic, sold by sparkfun called the mpu-6000. Not very diy friendly, so here is a breakout board of the same ic without SPI,  if it would fir and not throw the weight off.
I am also going to 3d print the yoyo so I can run wires through for both sides.
cobbr25 years ago
You might want to look at -- looks like a really good start to me.

One problem with synchronizing on the string is that serious yoyo-ers loop the string through the yoyo lots of times; a 1A champion might have 5 or even 7 string crossings inside the yoyo. (e.g.,

And In 4A (off-string), the yoyo spends a big percentage of its time in free-fall. I'm mostly interested in making a PoV yoyo for off-string -- which I think means using an accelerometer to stabilize the image.

Now as to finding "down" while in free-fall, I'm looking for good cheap ideas. The gyros I'm seeing can't cope with spinning @ ~60Hz.
salomon1996 (author) 6 years ago
thanks for all the answers! :D they are helpful!
janw6 years ago
It is certainly possible as I have seen one somewhere on the internet but I can't remember where. Google for it.
iceng6 years ago
This is easy as the yo-yo spins the synchro point is the string interrupting a light beam to restart the POV display.