can you recharge an energizer e2 lithium AAA batteirs?

i need help

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karnuvap7 years ago
No. You can't recharge these expensive but very high capacity disposable cells. There are some re-chargers out there that claim to be able to re-activate Alkaline cells but they only tickle them back to life a limited number of times and they are seriously not suitable for Lithium cells. There is a danger of explosion if you try. Don't do it.
Iwanton5 years ago
I can not attest to the safety of this; however, I have recharged Energizer Ultimate Lithium (~$2.50/cell) AA and AAA with a MW9798 charger. The open circuit voltage of the cell will increase after each charge, up to approximately 2V after several charges. The short circuit current of the AAA is > 5A after the first recharging, however the capacity of the battery diminishes after only a few charges. I have never experienced leakage, and no rupture after repeatedly recharging many of these cells (<100).

The cell typically fails after 2 or 3 deep cycles with a high terminal voltage and high internal resistance (no current delivery).

It seems that I have had the best luck with these cells when I recharge before the cell is completely depleted, but I have kept no records. In any case, this process has at least doubled the useful life of these already long life cells

A word of warning here; the increased terminal voltage after recharge may damage some equipment. I had a cheap 532nm <10mw laser pointer fail after using recharged cells; but these are notorious for short life in any case.

I have not tried this with the Energizer E² brand.
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
go and buy some NIMH batteries, they usually come a with a charger
animan1 (author)  Sandisk1duo7 years ago
i have a charger and i got these with a camera thati bought at a sale
they usually use non-rechargeable lithium batteries in high-tech things that need a lot of power