can you use a psp battery to power a nintendo ds?

hey ive come to the conclusion my old nintendo ds wont turn on because the battery itself has lost the ability to hold a charge. however i do have a psp battery thats lieing around with a seperate charge dock for that batter is there any possible way i could run my ds off of that or ahand cranked flashlight ?

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Doctor What7 years ago
 No.  You can not use the battery from a PSP in a Nintendo DS.
aceLED (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
yea doc i didnt mean put a psp battery into a ds i meant use the battery pck from the psp and adapt the ds to it
 The answer is still no.  The specifications (meaning voltage, etc.) needs to be the same.  

Would you rather try to save 4 bucks and try to frankenstein your DS with a wrong battery, or spend 4 bucks and prevent your 120 dollar device from pooting out?

4 dollar battery
aceLED (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
im going to be honest i never use the thing cant rly stand ds id feel alot more pride in frankenstein'ing the whole thing in the hope it would work ;p
 Or you could sell it and buy electronic components...
aceLED (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
touche'... ;p

nfk117 years ago
ok thanks.
nfk117 years ago
whats your thing for mailing.
aceLED (author)  nfk117 years ago
hamilton ontario  upper gage 1574    L8W 1E7
nfk117 years ago
i need a psp battery.
aceLED (author)  nfk117 years ago
alright send me 10 bucks in the mail and ill mail the battery over to u
andreblue7 years ago
you may but the specs need to be the same and you have to make an adapater
but it would be better with a flash light or just buy a new battery they have gone down cause of the dsi release