can you use dog clippers to cut chicken beaks?

I have little bamons chicks,can you use dog clippers to cut thier beaks and how whould i do it?

Vyger6 years ago
There are a lot of articles about this. Try Googleing the topic and read a few of the guidelines. It will help you.
Vyger6 years ago
+1. The purpose of beak trimming is to prevent the chickens from harming each other. If they are not in overcrowded conditions they usually spend their time pecking at food and bugs and things other than each other. Put a bunch of active, bored animals in a small space and the only thing they have to do is peck each other. Some will always be at the bottom of the pecking order and with no place to get away and escape to, they can get picked on until they die. Sound like a familiar circumstance?
Vyger Vyger6 years ago
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Burf6 years ago
No,the likelihood of shattering the beak is too high with dog nail clippers. Use a beak trimmer made for that purpose.
Personally, my feelings are that unless the chickens are caged together, there is no need to trim the beaks.