can your text messages or pictures be viewed off of your phone?

can my text messages be viewed off of my phone lik eon the verizon webstie or on the bill just curious cus thatd be a lot of text messages to review

lemonie7 years ago
Privacy is generally protected. But, if someone gets hold of your phone you're knackered.
The website-view would only work if it's been enabled.
You might try a diplomatic question to (whoever pays the bill) such as "I heard you can 'do' text messages on the (company website) that would be cool 'cos my fingers hurt - have we got that option?"

CarStalkerZ (author) 7 years ago
im just curious cus ometimes i text vulgar texts like cuss words and i dotn want my mother to get mad
orksecurity7 years ago
Contact your carrier. They're the ones who know what plan you have and what features are included with it.

If you're asking about security: Assume that text messages aren't secure. They probably are, mostly, but why take chances?