cant get 5k pot adjustment to work. what am i doing wrong? does R2 hook into Adj?

This is a schematic of the Power Supply

AndyGadget7 years ago
Your circuit looks OK, straight off the datasheet.
I'd suspect a wiring error - A short circuit somewhere?
Very easy to miss a wire whisker or track which isn't quite cut through.
Also, if your regulator is on a heatsink, make sure the two pins aren't touching the sides, and check the case (output) isn't grounded anywhere. 
Re-design7 years ago
If you're trying to build and instructable, post the the comments to that page.  We don't have any idea what your circuit is and the author of the instr.  may never se it here.
LM317 ?
mathews7 years ago
When you say R2, what do you mean? If you can post a circuit diagram, and details of the Pot, then we can help you better.

If you are sure you have put the pot in the right place in your circuit, are you using the right pins? i.e the wiper pin and an outer pin (correct), or both outer pins (giving a fixed 5k resistor).