car radio LCD Arduino???

i got a old LCD from a car radio, can i connect it to my Arduino??
and if i can how??? plz help me im bored :(

Picture of car radio LCD Arduino???
maewert7 years ago

It appears to be an bank of 4 seven segment LED arrays, there appears to be decimal points as well as the two dots between the two pairs of numbers so time can be displayed as 12:55, etc.

The board appears to wire each segment out to the connector.  In order to drive it from an Arduino, you'll probably need 4 seven segment display drivers chips since the arduino won't have enough output pins to drive each of the pins directly.

These devices are usually common-annode or common-cathode, so you'll need to first discover which it is.  You should be able to take a 5 volt supply and a 470 ohm resistor in series and momentarily powering the connector pinsand see what segments turn on.  You should be able to determine the entire pinout that way.

Best Wishes.

Dannne11 (author) 7 years ago
Thx i will try it
frollard7 years ago
That looks like a numerical 7 segment display -- does it light up individual segments when you apply a few volts to some of the pins? Do a little investigation and look for a common ground (or grounds)...
looking at picture 4 -- those 4 beefy resistors in parallel seem to be the 'ground' -- as they all connect to a few single pins, makes me think thats 3 or 4 wires for ground, and the rest are + for signal.