car to home speakers--how to?

have 4 seakers from my car--would like to turn them into home speakers (within 2 boxes only having 2 speakers each). What needs to be done and what should I know about this



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abadfart7 years ago
 i did this for my old stereo but just one speaker each but i suppose hooking them up in series or parallel would work.
Re-design8 years ago
Check out this <a href="">link.</a> THe top two lines contain most of the info you need to do your project. <br /><br />It would be nice to know the impedance of the speakers and the amp. Those two determine how you hook your speakers together. Either series or parallel.<br /><br />
pintree3 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
truly Thanks for your help.
I'm afraid you gave me the wrong link. You say "the top 2lines" but there is no text on the page you gave me just photoswith some description below thenm ( and other links)
The photos with text and links below them are instructables on how tobuild speakers.  View the instructables and they will tell you howto do what you want to do.
pintree3 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
Once again I thank you for your help. But I do not feel the question is answered by the links seen on that page (and I looked at other places within it as well).Perhaps my question wasn't asked correctly but I feel that I have. What I asked was about car to home stereo speakers. What I saw on that page was: DIY monitor speaker build, How to Build Custom Speakers
Build A Pair of Stereo Speakers,How To Build A Guitar Speaker Box Or Build Two For Your Stereo. ,The Plasma Speaker, Speaker Box, Creative Speakers, Monster Speakers, Styrofoam Plate Speaker, Tin Box Speaker
Laterally Driven Speakers, Integrated Backpack Speakers

As you can see, they tell you how to build speakers--this and that kind of speakers. However, none that I notice refer to building home speakers out of car speakers--which I know are of totally different design
Would you mind enlightening me as to the difference.  I've used car speakers to build stereo speakers in a built in system and I don't know how they differ from any other speakers other than exact specifications.

One of the reasons that I come here is that I get to learn something in the process.