card making scor lines with out expensive scor pal?

I've done this using a dull knife (like a pad knife or a non-serrated butter knife) and a ruler. Basically you want to cut the paper, but only enough to fold it, not enough to actually cut it. I also have had luck with a dull knife and a countertop separation when I can't find a ruler. My counter is made of two pieces and there is an indentation where the two pieces meet. I line up the cardstock on that line, and then use the knife to indent the paper into the indentation.
Oh, and if you use the knife and ruler trick, you'll want to do it on a surface that will give slightly, like a wooden cutting board or a rubber mat, or even a cutting mat (which if you have would be handy because they will generally have ruler lines on them to help you center your score).
jtobako8 years ago
Dead ball point pen, edge of a credit card, the little chunk of plastic that doesn't always get punched out of the plastic milk bottle, a sharpened popsicle along a ruler or other strait edge.