ccfl inverter, samsung sic320?

my laptop recently died, i killed it, anyway, i have salved some stuff, one of which is the cold cathode and inverter assembly, except, i cant get it to light up, i tried everything, i hope i didnt kill it.  It is a samsung sic320 inverter board, if you hold it where the wires are facing up, from left to right in wire color is, orange, red, brown, and black, i dont have a camera, i killed it to expirementing, but just wanted to know which wires lit the cathode and at what voltage.

frollard4 years ago
It probably needs battery voltage, ground, and control lines to say 'turn on' and probably a pwm that says 'be this bright'. I don't know the pinout but surely you can google the controller chip that is on board the driver?