chew toy?

I have a very strong, large breed dog who essentially destroys nearly all store-bought chew toys in a matter of minutes.  One might say he seems to view these as child's play (puppy's play).

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antrobus6 years ago
get the largest sized kong you can (the black one is the strongest) and stuff it with anything like peanut butter, milk bones, cheddar and bacon spray cheese, dog kibble, meat chunks... sorry I like to ramble well you get the idea
kauaileslie7 years ago
 I have a pit-bull/boxer mix who destroys everything in seconds.  Kong balls are the best - slippery so she can't get a good grip and they last forever.  She also plays with rocks... LOL
jtp1398 years ago
what about a kong, i have a chewer too and that's the only toy that hasn't been destroyed.
vince 098 years ago
get some thick Manila rope i think the make it all the way up to 3" and put a good knot on each end of a one foot chunck and give that to him, but the oak log idea is good to lol
d2j58 years ago
a log of oak lol