clocking my PC's graphics card ?

i clocked it to 113MHZ thats got to be good is it or not

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kevinhannan8 years ago
I've looked but drawn a blank - all the o/c fora I've looked at say it'snot possible.

here's one link to help prove the point
albylovesscience (author)  kevinhannan8 years ago
this is the link i found the program at
What card you running ? What was the start clock speed ? Hope you upgraded the cooling :P
no its a stock card
its built in
Good luck with it i didnt know that it was possible to OC a onboad please do a ible on it wunt mind doing on my acer aspire one
lemonie8 years ago
What card is it? (very specifically) L
albylovesscience (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Intel(R) 82810E Graphics controller
I'm struggling to find overclocking for this chip, is it a 133MHz base, I think the chip will be running that on a multiplier? Don't know, but someone else might. L