cmd prompt timer command?

the -t function (timer/countdown in seconds) for my cmd prompt is not working properly, is it just me, or is there something wrong? here is the command I was trying to use:

shutdown -l -t 15

but when I hit enter, it logs off immediately.  Any suggestions?

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verence6 years ago
Same here, immediate log off.

Maybe the delay is only working for shut down, not log off.

BTW: Windows XP Prof. SP3
lemonie verence6 years ago
I agree.

verence verence6 years ago
Just tested: delay works for shut down, not for log off.

You can implement a delay with:

ping -n 16 >nul

The 16 after the -n is the the number of seconds the command waits plus one - so the example command will wait 15 seconds.
type the following in you CMD

shutdown -s -t xx

thats it..
the xx represents the number of seconds remaining after if you type 15. it will shutdown after 15 seconds..
Vyger6 years ago
There is no time delay for logging off, the assumption is you want to do it now and switch to another loggin. Why do you want it to delay anyway?

If you are really determined you could write a batch file but its a bit overkill.